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Barbara has a monthly column in Canadian Money Saver magazine, which publishes nine issues per year online and in print. Her column is called Portfolio Confidential, and she offers portfolio advice for real world problems that investors submit. The full articles are only available for subscribers, but below are excerpts from each one. If you want to read the full versions, you need to subscribe. Use Barbara’s code RICHB to get 20% off a one year subscription: after the discount, that’s only $15.99 for the online version, $21.56 for print, or $29.56 for print AND online!

Excerpts from Portfolio Confidential:

June, 2024: Will gen AI stock valuations keep going higher? How can I stop feeling so ‘frozen’ with my inheritance money? I’m 33 – where do I start to get control of my financial life?

May, 2024: Will small and mid cap stocks ever outperform again? And…can you be a successful investment advisor if you are introverted?

March, 2024: What if you don’t feel at all like giving back: are you a hedonist with your money? And how to help your high income earning daughter develop an interest in investing…

February 2024: Do you understand why your investment advisor is recommending so many preferred shares? Do they get paid extra on preferred shares perhaps? Also, how do investment return expectations vary by culture?

January 2024: Taking over the household finances…where to start? And what is “tokenizing assets” all about? Oh and why didn’t our money manager lock in our gains?

November 2023: How can I hedge against high exposure to the “Magnificent Seven” in my S&P 500 ETF? And how do I get a grip on my post-separation frivolous spending?

October 2023: Tax-deductible medical expenses for the self-employed, how to get rid of your small locked-in-retirement account, and should I still have 70% in equities at age 72?

September 2023: How to figure out how well your investment portfolio has actually been performing! And even the ‘nice’ financial advisors prefer to sell funds with the highest MERs…

July 2023: How can I find ESG ratings for stocks in the style of institutional rankings such as Sustainalytics? How will generative AI affect the advertising industry and as an investor how can I capitalize on this trend?

June 2023: Should I avoid investing in Taiwanese companies? What should I do with my severance cheque? Is now a good time for my daughter to enter the finance industry?

May 2023: What are some financial implications for same sex couples? Is it a good time to invest in the semiconductor industry? What are your top tips for managing money?

March 2023: What do you think of Covered Call ETFs? And what are the qualities I should look for in an investment advisor?

February 2023: Is now a good time to add some international exposure? And what do I need to know about disposition of assets on death?

January 2023: What is an IRP account and when would it be appropriate? Do you have any tips for my daughter who recently graduated with a business degree?

November 2022: How much car insurance is the right amount? The answer might surprise you!

October 2022: Is it possible to invest in Famtech? Do I need a financial separation?

September 2022: Eldercare (aka Daughtercare) often includes managing investment portfolios, the problems with over-diversifying, and is now a good time to invest in the Metaverse?

July 2022: Ways to stand out as a financial advisor, geographic arbitrage, and the future of the finance industry

June 2022: How “comfortable” are your “comfort funds”, what is a reasonable management fee, why does our advisor not invest all our money, and when to sell!

May 2022: How to ensure both persons in a couple meet their individual portfolio goals, what to ask your advisor in your portfolio review meeting, and what about including private equity in my holdings?

February 2022: How can I communicate better with my advisor, and how can I help my much younger wife plan for her future financial situation?

January 2022: Can retail investors beat the TSX, strategies for reducing taxes payable on high flyers, and will I meet my retirement objectives?

November 2021: A long short alternative fund, women's investment communities, and investor know thyself!

October 2021: Retirement planning software, a portfolio career, and is your portfolio too risky?

September 2021: Common law agreements for a variety of relationship situations

July/August 2021: Should you really be that comfortable with your bank’s ‘Comfort Growth Portfolio’? And: Financial considerations when thinking about moving out of your parent’s home

June 2021: How to put together your investment policy statement and how to figure out your overall asset mix

May 2021: Long term disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and a currency strategy for Snowbirds

March 2021: Credit Union shares, when to take government pension, drawing income from portfolio

February 2021: Art, financial planners, intangible assets

January 2021: Crowdfunding, ESG

November 2020: Invest like a pension fund, relationships & money

October 2020:Air Canada stock, weighting in tech sector, tuition for US education

September 2020: US estate taxes, short-term investing strategies, male versus female advisors

July 2020: Rebalancing Zoom, gold outlook, property sale in the US

June 2020: Energy sector, pooled funds, REITs