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Facilitated Workshops

Half or Full-Day Facilitated Workshops

Click on the links to see a one-page description for each topic:

How to leverage gender intelligent thinking for greater business success

Selling to female customers

How smart women invest

Building financial confidence in girls and women

Finance for success in life

Professional facilitators: Barbara Stewart and Richard Lee.

In addition to taking a deeper dive into the materials, what else does a workshop provide?

1. Pre-workshop materials and questionnaires for participants to read and fill out. The better a job the attendees do on their homework, the better the workshop!
2. Professional facilitators – both Barbara and Richard have led dozens of similar sessions in the past.
3. Course materials and workbooks that participants can keep and take away afterwards.
4. Fully interactive sessions: Barbara and Richard will draw out all views, and force participants to really think about the material and how it applies to their life and work.
5. Next steps Action Plan. All attendees will leave with concrete actions and a timeline.

All facilitated workshops are highly customized for the audience, the industry, and the geography.